"As anyone who attends the Dayton Hamvention Will attest, one of the longest-running and best-attended booths is that of Science Workshop where Murray Barlowe demonstrates the latest version of his homemade spectrum analyzer. Over the years Barlowe has refined his combination of TV tuners, ramp generators and audio detectors which compose this clever collage of components into a very useful spectrum analyzer semi-kit. Articles have appeared in amateur magazines, both by Barlowe and other experimenters, offering enhancements and substitutions to make the project(s) even better. Now Build Your Own Spectrum Analyzer is available in book form. If you would like to tackle a technical challenge and have a weekend to spare, the Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer should titillate your fancy, and Barlowe's comprehensive book is a good place to begin."



"A spectrum analyzer is a valuable--and expensive--piece of test equipment with dozens of applications. But professional models, costing thousands of dollars, are beyond the means of most electronic hobbyists and many professionals. This book shows how to build the "Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer" for a fraction of the cost."


FULL DISCLOSURE (Surveillance & Countermeasures Magazine)

"Commercial spectrum analyzers are manufactured by Tektronix, Hewlett-Packard, Avcom and others, but prices range from $3000 to $10,000 and up, placing them beyond the affordability for most of us. Fortunately, a rather inventive gentleman named Murray Barlowe has come to our aid. A Ham Radio operator, WA2PZO, Murray runs a company called Science Workshop. He sells a kit consisting of two circuit boards and a modified cable TV tuner assembly which can be combined with any garden variety oscilloscope to produce an extremely versatile spectrum analyzer."

"If you want to use the same tools used by sky-high budget investigators without mortgaging the homestead, try the "Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer. I think you'll like it."


POPULAR ELECTRONICS (Joe Carr's Ham Radio column).

"The spectrum analyzer seems to be one of the all-time favorite topics of you readers, ..." "One of the surprising things about the PMSA (Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer) is the small but growing following that has arisen. There are many who've built one variant or another of the PMSA. And those folks, including yours truly, have passed along a lot of good ideas to Science Workshop. Murray Barlowe has produced a book that bundles many of those ideas into one source, along with some of his own material (including a decent tutorial on spectrum analyzers in general, and the PMSA in particular). Science Workshop sells it for $24.95 . Even if you're not contemplating building a PMSA right now, there are a lot of neat circuits and ideas in the book."