RF Vision

RF Spectrum Analyzer Display Program

   RF Vision for Windows provides you with the ability to display the RF spectrum in real-time right on your computer screen. The program works in conjunction with Science Workshop’s low cost RF Spectrum Analyzer hardware package and any Windows compatible stereo sound card. Just plug the X and Y output channels from the RF Spectrum Analyzer hardware into the line input of your PC sound card and examine the spectrum in real-time.

          Science Workshop has been constantly improving their low-cost RF spectrum analyzer package and this software is just one more step in that direction. Until now, users have relied on an oscilloscope to display the RF output. With RF Vision you no longer have to squint at a 3 inch scope but now have a full screen spectrum display with the ability to freeze the measurement, pick off the frequencies with the mouse and print out a hard copy on your printer.

   In addition to the spectrum display, the program includes a 3-D Surface plot and a Color Spectrogram of the RF spectrum over time. Try that on your scope!

   Sound board prices have never been lower and since RF Vision works with any Windows compatible sound card, your hardware choices are virtually unlimited. Never before has RF spectrum analysis been this easy or affordable.

   Developed by Pioneer Hill Software in collaboration with Science Workshop.